North American No Medical Exam Life Insurance Review

North American No Medical Exam Life Insurance

North American No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

North American No Medical Exam Life InsuranceNorth American is one of our favorite providers of no medical exam term life insurance.  They have very easy underwriting and you get an answer to your application with in minutes.

You can get your family covered today by calling 844-528-8688 or see rates by entering your information next to this article.  A North American No Medical Exam Life Insurance policy could be the answer to your Life Insurance needs.

North American Financial Strength

With an AM Best rating of A+ and another A+ with Standard and Poors (S&P).  These top ratings have been achieved by wise investment choices and makes the company extremely secure.

Being privately owned gives North American several benefits over a publicly traded company and limits their exposure to short term pressures that often come with a company answering to stock holders.

North American History

Established in 1886 North American Insurance company has been protecting families financial needs for over 100 years.  They are headquartered in Chicago Illinois and have several offices throughout the Midwest.

The parent company Sammons Financial Group is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States.

North American No Exam Term Life Insurance

No medical exam life insurance does not ask for a medical exam as is the case with traditional life policies; this does not mean that the kinds of benefits which will be received by the policyholders will be less or limited in this case.

No exam medical insurance cover gives the same coverage as those life insurance policies that need a medical examination. The only difference is that they limited to lower coverage amounts, up to $500.000.00 which is currently the maximum.

No medical exam policies also require the policy applicant to fill out a medical questionnaire where they give a pharmacy report which provides details on the medications that you have been taking for a given period of time.

Other details which are required in the completed medical questionnaire are motor vehicle report, health insurance bureau report and your credit history.

North American Term Life Insurance Quote

If you’re interested in knowing more about the details of a North American no exam term life insurance policy or the other companies LJM Life Insurance offers call us at 844-528-8688 today.

LJM Life Insurance, a North American Term Life  independent agent will provide information and quotes for different types of life insurance such as Term life Insurance, no med exam term life insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance and whole life insurance.

We will help you determine the best type of life insurance, and if a North American No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance policy fits your needs.

North American No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

You will be advised on the amount of coverage you are likely to get with your no medical exam life insurance policy.  All these details will be provided to you at no cost.

The fact that the LJM Life Insurance  is an independent agent, and not attached to any life insurance company, means that they will give the prospective customer objective information; information that is not meant to market any one company.

We have reviewed several of the top companies offering no medical exam term life insurance and you can read those articles on this site.

The customer will gain from such information, as they can select a no exam life policy that will meet their needs.

An agency which is not independent will only give positive information on the companies which they are employed with, often failing to reveal negative aspects of the company or not giving the customer a chance to make their own independent decisions.

Working with a captive agency gives the customer limited choices as well as prices, in most cases, you may get a no medical exam life insurance coverage but it may not address all your needs.

You should not allow you to be tied to a life insurance policy which is expensive or has terms which might be very favorable or responsive to your condition and needs.

LJM Life Insurance will give you quotes from several providers, and in this case the top ones and those who provide products that will fully address your needs.

They will also help you with information that will help you make that important decision.

Our goal is to ensure that the customer gets a product that will give the family financial stability and security.

LJM Life Insurance as an Independent agency has the capacity to advise the customers who need no medical exam life insurance policies, the best product, that which will meet their needs.

With our Experience, having dealt with several customers and providers will give a solution that will truly work.

The fact that we are independent also means that we will be objective when giving advice; and will not be biased against any provider.

This means that the customer will benefit from their expertise as well as objective professional advice from the beginning of the engagement up to the end.

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