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We carry Life Insurance products to fill any need or budget, our specialty is finding Life insurance coverage for people with less than excellent health, if you have diabetes, heart issues or other types of pre-existing conditions, WE CAN HELP!   

Our service is at NO COST to you.  We carry the following types of Life Insurance:

  1. Term Life Insurance
  2. Non-Med Term Life Insurance (No Medical Exam Required)
  3. Final Expense Life Insurance
  4. Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

We will help you determine the type of Insurance that fits your needs, calculate how much you coverage should be carrying, and quote all the top rated Life Insurance Providers in the country, all at no cost to you.

Why Choose Us?

We are an Independent Agency, what that means for you is that we have contracts with all the top carriers across the country.  This gives you a wide variety of choices for products and allows us to find the very lowest cost provider for your situation.

If you deal with a Captive Agent (one who works directly for one Insurance Company) you have very limited choices and pricing.  Do not be stuffed into a policy that is too expensive and not a good fit just because that is all they carry.

With us you will receive quotes from all the top providers in the country, we don’t work for an Insurance Company, WE WORK for YOU.  As our customer you and your families needs are our top priority and you will receive unbiased, professional assistance from start to finish.

Complete online Life Insurance Service

To better serve our customers we are a completely digital shop, meaning that all our transactions can be done on the phone and over the internet.  We are not just a voice on the phone, we have software that allows us to share our computer with you and even introduce ourselves with a one way camera. (you can see us but we can’t see you).

What type of Life Insurance:

Life Insurance is not a one size fits all product and that is why we contract with so many different carriers.  Everyone’s needs, health condition and budget is different.  See the explanations of the different types below to get an idea of what is the best fit for your needs and budget.

Term Life Insurance:

Term Life Insurance  is exactly as the name states, a policy for a set period of time, with 10, 20, and 30 years being the most common.  It is usually the most inexpensive of the types and pays the face amount upon death.

At the end of the chosen period it will expire with no cash value but can be reinstated at a new rate calculated by your attained age and health conditions.  Term Life Insurance can be used for a multitude of conditions but most commonly is used for income replacement or debt responsibilities after the insured’s death.  

Some carriers offer a “Critical Illness Rider” where a portion of the policy can be paid out if the insured is diagnosed with a life threatening disease such as cancer.  Other riders include waiver of premium, accidental death and dismemberment and child rider to name a few.

As with all Life Insurance policies your premium is affected by several things:

  • The amount of the death benefit:  (the larger the benefit, the higher the premium)
  • The Length of the Term:  premium is calculated by how many years the coverage is for.
  • Your age:  (the younger you are the lower the cost)

Your health status and family health history:   Many carriers require a para-med or in home medical exam to verify your health status.  The amount of work that is required is often set by the provider or carrier and the dollar amount of the death benefit, this could include a blood and urine sample, blood pressure reading, and heart rate reading.

The prescriptions you take are also taken into consideration for underwriting purposes.  Other health questions that are commonly asked are about parents or siblings dying at young ages, again these vary by company and benefit amount chosen.

  • Tobacco usage or smoking:  Some carriers have preferred smoking ratings and some will not rate up for cigars, pipes or chewing tobacco.  
  • Your Lifestyle:  This is not as bad as it sounds, the questions asked are about “high risk” hobbies or habits such as skydiving, racing, or piloting.
  • Your Location:  Where you live or reside will factor in the rating.
  • The Insurance Company:  Prices for the exact same coverage will vary among Life Insurance Companies.  This is why it is important to not get stuck on a brand name at look at all available companies in your area.

Term Life Insurance No Medical Exam (Non-Med)

No Exam Term Life is a product that many of our customers chose over a fully underwritten policy.  There are some basic underwriting questions, but no examination and no submitting bodily fluids.

This type of plan is usually issued very quickly and the rates, while normally slightly higher than fully underwritten plans, are very competitive  Non-Med plans have several rate classes and face amounts available.  We will always quote a Fully Underwritten plan with a Non-Med plan when quoting to see what fits your needs best.

If you are in your forties you can find information pertaining to you here: No Medical Exam Life Insurance over age 40.

 If you are over age 50 you can get more information here:  No Medical Exam Life Insurance over age 50.  

We also have sample rates for older clients, over the age of 60 here:  No Medical Exam Life Insurance over age 60.  

With No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance the list of companies offering plans is growing every month, you can read our reviews on the 5 Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Companies by clicking this link:  Companies offering No Medicare Exam Life Insurance.

Whole Life (Permanent Life):

Whole Life sometimes called Permanent Insurance is a product that covers you until the age of 101, sometimes longer.  It is expensive but builds a cash value that can be used to pay premium, as loan collateral or withdrawn when the plan is cancelled.

 The rates are fixed and are set at the age the policy is purchased.  The plans remain in effect as long as the premium is paid and never needs to be renewed.  Some consider a Whole Life policy as an investment tool, but this opinion varies greatly among Investment Brokers.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance:

This product is a whole life product that is normally a $5000 to $25000 face amount that is being used for burial expenses.  Often called Final Expense insurance it is often bought by older clients that are looking to have their funeral expenses paid.  

Due to the smaller face amounts the premiums are very reasonable but increase by age at the time of purchase.  It is guarantee issue which means you will not be denied, but can be issued as graded or modified for certain health conditions.  The premiums are level (never go up) and the coverage is in effect until the death of the insured.