AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Review

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance ReviewAIG is one of many life insurance companies that offer no exam term life insurance policy and we carry them all.  To see the details on this company please read our AIG Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Review below.

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AIG a Global Company

AIG, which stands for American International Group is a publicly traded insurance company with customers in over 100 countries and is traded on both the New York and Tokyo stock exchanges.

AIG was started in 1919 in Shanghai China by American Cornelius Vander Starr as an insurance agency.  In 1926 the first office was opened in the United States in New York city.

The home office eventually moved to New York in 1939, while at the same time opening offices in several different countries.

The company officially entered the stock exchange as a publicly traded company in 1969.  AIG has a reported 88 million customers in over 130 countries, and 64,000 employees in 90 countries.

AIG Life Insurance

AIG offers several Life Insurance products and investment products, from small term products to very large variable universal life.

The Life Insurance Offerings for AIG are:

  • Term Life Insurance
    • Fully Underwritten
    • Simplified Issue
  • Accident and Health
  • Universal Life
  • Guaranteed Issue Whole Life
  • Quality of Life Insurance

AIG No Medical Exam Life Insurance

The no medical term life insurance is the product that we use most often.  With people that are in good health, the option to get their  life insurance coverage without taking a medical examination is very attractive.

AIG offers term life insurance with no medical exam for persons aged 50-85 and you can not be turned down for coverage.  This type of coverage is known as Guaranteed Issue and is designed for persons who can not pass normal underwriting.

Guarantee Issue Life Insurance is also called Graded benefit, which means that if the policyholder passes away within the first two years the policy will pay out 110 % of the premium that has been paid in.

The Guarantee Issue Life policy is also sometimes referred to Final Expense insurance, it is a smaller coverage amount of whole life insurance.  AIG guaranteed issue whole life policy has a maximum coverage amount of $25000.00.

It is a very valuable policy to help cover expenses during the difficult time, when a loved one passes, and can help with burial and funeral expenses.

Types of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

There are basically two types of no medical exam life insurance:

  • No Medical Exam Term Life
  • Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

No medical exam term life insurance is a term life policy with simplified underwriting and is designed for healthier clients.  This can be obtained in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 term lengths and has a maximum coverage amount of $500,000.00.

You can see more about companies that offer no medical exam term life insurance in our article on the best no medical exam term life insurance companies.

Guaranteed Issue whole life is a whole life insurance policy which has either graded or modified payout for death in the first two years.

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