American Amicable No Exam Term Life Insurance Review

American Amicable No Exam Term Life Insurance Review

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American Amicable provides several life insurance products, ranging from small whole life policies (Final Expense Insurance) to a simplified term life insurance product.

No Exam Term Life Insurance

For this American Amicable No Exam Term Life Insurance Review, we will concentrate on their no medical exam term life product called “Simplified Issue Term”.

It is called simplified because of the simplified underwriting process, which eliminates the para-med exam.

The policy is offered in amounts of $25,000.00 up to $250,000.00 and American Amicable is one of the few companies that offer no medical exam term life insurance with lower dollar amounts of coverage.

The issue ages are from 18 to 65 and are available to the following groups of people:

  • Government Employees (State, county, city and Federal)
  • Emergency workers such as police, fire, and first responders
  • State Educational Institutions
  • Hospital Employees
  • Employees of the Railroad
  • Spouses of any of the above mentioned

Simplified Underwriting Process

With the American Amicable Simplified Term product, you will answer so questions on your current health and lifestyle.

You health background with then be verified by your prescription report, medical information report and finally your DMV report.

With American Amicable’s liberal underwriting and BMI requirements this process means that is easy to complete and very fast to approve and issue.

American Amicable Company

The company was started in 1910 in Waco Texas as American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas offering life insurance and annuity products.

In 2010 the American Amicable group was purchased by Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services.  Industrial Alliance Insurance was established in 1892 and has assets of over $109.5 billion.

American Amicable Financial Strength

No American Amicable No Exam Term Life Insurance Review would be complete without a look into the companies financials.

A.M. Best rates American Amicable as a A excellent effective February of 2015, the third highest rating available out of fifteen categories.

The company use a diverse portfolio of risk and reward to maintain their high standards.  Only investing in stocks of large companies that offer dividends, investment grade bonds and a very diverse mix of mortgage loans.

American Amicable Overview

American Amicable is a very old and highly rated company, which is what we look for when contracting with life insurance providers.

Their financial strength and time in the business make them an excellent choice for life insurance coverage.  If they are the correct choice for your specific situation will only be known after a complete look at your needs, budget and concerns.

Life Insurance is not a one size fits all product, everyone has different needs and financial resources.  What is a perfect fit for your neighbor or brother might not offer the coverage that you need to protect your family.

For a completely unbiased review of your No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance needs, call 1-844-528-8688.  We will run all of the companies offering products in your area and discuss your needs and budget with you.

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