Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Rates for 52-Year-Olds

best no medical exam term life insurance

Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 52-Year-Olds

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For details on what exactly a No Medical exam Term Life Insurance policy is, read the article below for the details.  If you are looking for life insurance without taking an exam this could be the product you have been searching for.

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The worst part of getting a term life insurance policy is having to take the exam, and this reason alone counts for many people not getting the coverage they need.  If you have a fairly clean health insurance you can cross that off your list of excuses, there is another option.No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 52 year olds

The option that I am talking about is no medical exam Term Life Insurance (sometimes called Non-Med Term Life).

It is Term Life Insurance that is designed for a healthy person to get coverage while eliminating the issues of taking a para-medical examination.

Rates for Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance for someone age 52 are very competitively priced and with several companies offering these plans, now is the time to give this product a close look.

Our Best No Medical Exam Term life insurance rates for a 52 year old male “Preferred” health class (with minimal or no health issues), monthly rates:

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term        $18.08           $20.47             $20.25          $25.09            $42.51             $74.82

15 year term       $18.08            $22.76              $26.54         $29.29            $49.10             $103.68

20 year term      $18.08            $26.65              $34.51          $36.97           $73.14              $138.19

30 year term      $18.08           $39.40             $72.58            $96.31         $155.25             $281.05

*Rates will vary by health class

Our Best No Medical Exam Term life insurance rates for a 52 year old female “Preferred” health class (with minimal or no health issues), monthly rates:

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term       $18.08           $17.35            $17.28         $20.80          $33.37          $58.69 

15 year term       $18.08           $19.27            $18.79         $23.45          $41.14          $71.69

20 year term      $18.08           $22.11            $22.58         $27.37          $51.81          $95.46

30 year term      $18.08           $38.71           $40.73         $75.25          $117.45         $251.41

*Rates will vary by health class

Benefits of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

The benefits are many, but the ones that I think are the most amazing with this product are the simplified issue where you only answer some basic underwriting questions and the speed at which the policy is issued.

The basic or simplified issue underwriting is done by the questions answered on the application.  Those questions are your basic medical history, smoking or non-smoking, your height/weight, any driving convictions in the last few years, and citizenship status.

The answers that you give are verified by some or all of the following bureau’s:  Medical Information Bureau or (MIB), the Pharmacy Report, the DMV, and under certain circumstances an attending physician statement.

With that style of underwriting, the policy is issued very fast, you will have an answer in days, but with having to take an exam it could take weeks even months.  The reason that this can be done is that the No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Policy is designed for healthy individuals.

If your health is good and you do not have any issues as far as prescriptions or driving incidents this type of policy could be a perfect fit for you.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Pricing

The prices today for this product are lower than they ever have been, of course, the younger you are when you get coverage the lower the premium.  As our age increases our health most times decreases which has a very negative effect on insurance rates.

Your Life Insurance Needs

There are options when it comes to your choices for Life Insurance, and the type of policy you need is completely unique to your situation.  When looking for coverage for a certain amount of years, for something like the length of a mortgage then term life would be the answer.

Term Life Insurance is a policy for a period of time such as 10, 20 or even 30 years, at the end of the period the coverage can either be converted, re-issued for a new period of time or it just expires.

The types of term life insurance break down to a fully underwritten and no medical exam both have the same coverage but the fully underwritten will go to higher coverage amounts.  With the fully underwritten policy, you will go through an exam and the process is much longer.

The other type of Life Insurance would be whole life and it is designed to cover needs for a longer period of time bit the pricing is much higher.

Calculating the Amount of CoverageLife Insurance to Cover Household bills

Figuring the coverage amount and determining how much coverage will take care of your family after your passing is the most important part of the whole process.

What amount will be needed to pay off the remaining debts, such as car payments or a mortgage.  Expenses for the children’s education, funeral expenses, and any retirement income that could be lost.

You do not want to overlook the normal family expenses such as child care, housekeeping, utilities.  These expenses might be small but could be overwhelming for a family after the passing of a spouse and parent.

Choices for No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

You can choose the term length from all of the typical term life insurance term lengths.  Ten, twenty, and thirty are the most common.  As we age into our upper fifties and sixties the longer term lengths will no longer be available.

The companies that offer this product is a list that keeps growing and we only contract with the highest-rated carriers.

Choose LJM Life Insurance for your No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Plan, we do the application over the phone and from the comfort of your own home.

By using the newest technology we make purchasing life insurance painless.  Call us today for your free consultation and get your family the coverage they need. 1-844-528-8688.