Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance for 58 Year Olds

best no medical exam term life insurance for 58 year olds

Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance for 58 Year Olds

The Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance for 58 year olds are free for you to see on this site.  You can run your own quote without talking to an agent and see what the prices look like, but for the most accurate information give us a call at 1-844-528-8688 and we will run a free life insurance quote for you and discuss which company and product fits your family’s needs.

Give us a call and we will do the work for you, we do not work for an insurance company, WE WORK FOR YOU!

Why bother with the grueling process of getting a medical exam for your Life Insurance policy when you don’t need to.  You do have a term life insurance option,  no medical exam Term Life Insurance for 58-year-olds.

You are reading that right, NO Medical Exam, the rates are competitive and the list of companies offering the product is growing every month.
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No Medical Exam Life Insurance rates for 58-year-olds that are below are samples from one zip code your rates may be lower or higher depending on several factors.

The best way to get an accurate rate quote, for your area and situation is to call us at 1-844-528-8688.

Monthly Sample Rates Male

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term        $25.98           $28.35             $32.20          $37.06           $65.48             $117.39

15 year term       $25.98            $34.13             $43.89          $43.91            $96.96            $179.91

20 year term      $25.98            $40.37            $55.04         $56.97             $127.52           $246.78

30 year term      $25.98           $58.46           $112.58         $220.83          *None              *None

*Your rates could vary depending on your health and location.

Monthly Sample Rates Female

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term       $25.98           $22.72            $22.80         $31.54          $47.08          $81.10

15 year term       $25.98           $26.34            $28.38         $31.21          $60.32          $108.43

20 year term      $25.98          $31.78            $38.47          $38.34          $79.05         $147.53

30 year term      $25.98         $58.46            $112.58       $220.83         *None          *None

*Location and health will affect your rates.

Look closely at the rates above, many times the price difference to extend coverage or to increase the amount is very small, you do not want to expose your family to risk for a few bucks.

 No Medical Exam Life Insurance Benefits

The benefits to a simplified issue insurance plan are several, with not waiting for exam results it is issued very fast, the hassle of taking the para-med exam is eliminated just to name a few.

The answers to the questions on the application are what serves as the underwriting and your answers will be matched against several agencies.  If you are healthy, with no major issues this is the plan to get the coverage you need.

The Application Process

When we fill out the application your answers will first determine eligibility and then your information will be checked by certain company reports.  Not every application will be exactly the same, every applicant is different but I want to give you all of the possibilities.  Some of the reports that could be requested are the MIB report, the report for the motor vehicle department for your state a pharmacy report of your prescriptions, and possibly an APS.

Who Qualifies for a No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Policy

If you have some serious health issues we may need to look at other options, this plan is not designed for that type of individual.  With that being said if your health is good, why go through the pain of an exam for term life insurance when you do not need to?

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Pricing

The cost of not taking an exam for life insurance is minimal, and many think it is well worth a few extra bucks to eliminate the hassle of taking the para-med.  It is highly recommended that you obtain a policy as young as possible and possibly extending the term length to reduce costs.  Here is a more in-depth look at the difference in pricing:
No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance [Over age 50]

family planning list

Term Life Insurance is used as protection against financial loss at the death of a loved one or spouse, some of the most common considerations are below.

One of the most common uses for any type of term life insurance is income replacement, everyone knows that they do not want to leave their family without any income, but they very seldom calculate it correctly.

Over the years a person normally makes progress in the workplace and wages increase.

It is best to add a minimum of 10% to the income calculation to ensure that you are figuring the amount to carry your family through the years.

Also there will be a loss of retirement income and a possible loss of investment income. Everyone’s needs are different but these are just some of the basic principles.

Another reason life insurance is purchased is to cover outstanding debts such as car payments, mortgage, and educational needs of the children.  Do not forget to include the basic expenses of running a household such as food, utilities and child care expenses.

Who Offers The Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance for 58 Year Olds?

More companies are offering this product now, but we have five companies that we have found rise to the top when we are running quotes.  We have a web page explaining our top companies and you can visit it here 5-best-no-medical-exam-term-life-insurance-companies/ 

Life Insurance Terms

While all term lengths are available at this age, they start to shorten as you get into your sixties.  You can choose the term length that fits your needs, some people marry them to a long term debt such as a mortgage or a length of time until retirement.

It is very fiscally beneficial to start your policy as young as you can and stretch the term length out past the time you need.  This will ensure that your coverage is continued up to and past the point that you were concerned with.  We can always make an adjustment or look at different options as your needs change.

This does not have to be a one and done procedure, as your life and situation change over the years; we as your agent will periodically review your policy with you and make adjustments and recommendations for you.

When you call us we will go over all of the options that are available and make recommendations for you.  Once you have that information and cost, you can make an informed choice on your life insurance coverage.

Remember our services are $0 charge, call us today for your personal consultation. 1-844-528-8688