No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 42 Year Olds

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 42 Year Olds

What Are The Rates For No Medical Exam Life Insurance For 42 Year Olds

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To fully understand what a No Medical Exam Life Insurance policy is please read the article below.  It is full of facts and information that you will need when making your decision.

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Everyone hates going to the doctor and with a No Medical Exam Life Insurance policy, the need for the examination is gone.  Yep, just like the name says there is No Medical Exam required.  The amounts can go up to five hundred thousand ($500,000.00) and term lengths are the same.

If you did run your own quote:  (Hint: if you are in good health choose preferred if you have a few issues select regular). See the sample rates below.

No Medical Exam Term life insurance rates for a 42 year old male “Preferred” health class (with minimal or no health issues), monthly rates:

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term        $11.38           $14.72              $12.34           $14.59            $22.64             $33.15

15 year term       $11.38            $13.86             $14.68           $15.59            $24.24             $41.66

20 year term      $11.38            $14.69             $16.45           $18.70            $31.83             $55.24

30 year term      $11.38            $19.83             $24.25          $28.65            $50.97             $90.86

*Rates will vary by health class

No Medical Exam Term life insurance rates for a 42 year old female “Preferred” health class (with minimal or no health issues), monthly rates:

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term       $11.38           $11.46             $11.61             $12.94             $20.54              $29.12    

15 year term       $11.38           $14.75            $12.52             $13.58            $20.72              $33.96

20 year term      $11.38           $13.53            $13.55             $15.41             $25.29              $43.76

30 year term      $11.38           $18.17            $19.55            $22.99            $40.45              $69.47

*Rates will vary by health class

Benefits of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

  • Basic Underwriting questions (that can vary between companies but normally consist of):
    1. Basic medical history
    2. Do you use tobacco
    3. Traffic Convictions (last 2 years)
    4. Body Mass or weight/height
    5. What is your Citizenship status
    6. APS (attending physician statement) can be ordered on a case by case basis.
  • Decision and issued very fast:
    1. The fastest decision in the Life Insurance Market, normally done in 24 hours or less.
  • No Paramedical exam is needed
    1. The exam where a medical professional comes to your home and takes blood, blood pressure, weight, and height is not needed for this type of Life Insurance Policy.

If you are in good physical health and want coverage fast without the invasive exam or a search of your medical records then, a no exam policy could be the answer.

How Will My Information be Verified

You answer several questions while doing the application and your answers will be bounced against the various bureaus, not all are used by every company for every applicant but you should be aware of all the possibilities.

Once you have answered the questions on the application, they will verify them by the information stored in the medical information bureau, pharmacy report and the DMV.

When the underwriter verifies that your answers are correct and you are in the proper health for this type of term life insurance you are done and your policy will be approved.

Will I Qualify for No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

When looking at the options for someone 42 years old, if you want the coverage to start now and are in good health you want to look at the pricing of these plans.

Some people do not like needles and want to skip the hassle of taking the exam and having to wait for results, a no medical exam Life Insurance has to be one of the plans you look at.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Pricing

While the pricing of a No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance policy is very competitive to the conventional term policy, you do pay a small premium for the luxury of not taking an exam.

If you decide that you would rather take the exam and save a few dollars, that is not a problem.  Give us a call at 1-844-528-8688 and we will give you quotes for both and help you decide what is the best fit.

Rates go up as we age, this is a fact and it makes it very beneficial to obtain the Life Insurance policy as young as possible and going with a longer-term length.

Any health condition can have an effect on pricing, which makes getting your Term Life Insurance while in your 40’s a very wise decision, you lock in lower rates and ensure your family’s security for the future.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 42-Year-Olds

Many options for Life Insurance for someone age 42 or older are available to give your family the protection they deserve.

Term Life Insurance is the most popular type of coverage for someone of this age, and a no medical exam life insurance policy should fit the bill.

It is term life insurance the only thing that has changed is the underwriting process.  Instead of having to take a para-med exam to qualify, you go through a simplified underwriting process and get the decision within days.

The rates competitive and the small difference is well worth it to skip the pain and hassle of the examination.

Term Life Insurance for 42-year-old coverage needs

Term Life Insurance fills a lot of common needs but every household and every family is different.  To truly find the amount of coverage you need to take the time to write out the factors below.

While it is often overlooked, the loss of a stay at home parent will cause a severe increase in expenses, by having to cover daycare and normal household chores and losing work hours or by farming the duties outside of the home.

While no income is being lost, it is more the cost of running a household and the duties that are covered with the children that will cost you.No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 42 Year Olds

When you have young children in the family, their educational needs both immediate and future need to be considered.

You need to consider the debts that should be paid off with the death of a working spouse, a few years of income to cover the families living expenses and educational costs.

Buying a life insurance policy isn’t as difficult as it seems, it just needs to have much thought put into it as it will be the lifeblood for your family after your passing.

With a decision this important, it is good to have an experienced helping hand and that is where we come in.  Call us toll-free at 1-844-528-8688 and we’ll assist you in the process and help you get the right coverage for your family’s protection.