Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance for 54 Year Olds

Best no medical exam term life insurance for 54 year olds

Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance for 54 Year Olds

If you are searching for No Medical Exam Life Insurance rates for 54 year olds, you can get that instant quote here and NOW!  Enter your information and see rates for your self, the second you enter submit.

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A no medical exam term life insurance policy is a perfect fit for someone who is healthy and wants an answer fast.

In the past you had to do an application, schedule a par-med exam, and wait for weeks or months for the underwriting to go through to get your answer, well those days are over with this exciting product.  Read the article below to get all the details.

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No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance [Over Age 50]

The medical exam for life insurance is often a pain to schedule and can be intrusive.  If your health is good and nothing major in your medical history you have another option.

That option is a product that is a no medical exam Term Life Insurance (sometimes called Non-Med Term Life).  It is term life insurance with amounts up to $500,000.00 available in can be issued for all of the popular term lengths.No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 54 year olds

The only difference with this type of policy is that you avoid the exam, but it is not designed for everyone.  You do need to be in relatively good health.  Just call anytime and we will go over all the details.

Below are sample rates for a 54 year old male “Preferred” health class (with minimal or no health issues):

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term        $15.53           $16.61              $17.19           $27.44             $41.28            $63.25

15 year term       $15.53            $19.69              $21.98          $29.08            $49.10              $82.93

20 year term      $15.33            $20.80              $33.43          $37.74           $69.24              $117.46

30 year term      $15.33            $31.07             $54.54            $52.74           $98.35           *NONE

*Rates will vary by health class

These rates are for a 54 year old female “Preferred” health class (with minimal or no health issues), monthly rates:

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term       $15.33           $14.74            $15.27           $16.96          $27.89          $47.49   

15 year term       $15.33           $16.03            $18.88           $19.34           $33.06          $58.72

20 year term      $15.33           $17.97             $22.58           $25.14          $41.40          $75.99

30 year term      $15.33           $27.83            $35.83            $36.97           $68.09         *NONE

*Rates will vary by health class

 No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Benefits

  • Simplified Underwriting questions such as:
    1. Your medical history
    2. Tobacco usage
    3. DMV report or driving Record (last 2 years)
    4. BMI
    5. Status of Citizenship
  • Decision and issued very fast:
    1. You will receive a decision in approximately 24 hours, sometimes with in only a few minutes.
  • No Need for the Medical Exam
    1. No blood is drawn and no one coming into your home.

As long as you are in good health, you can get a decision on your policy very fast by just answering a few questions.  If this sounds like you, a no medical exam term life insurance policy could be a perfect fit.

What Information is Checked:

The information on the application is verified by reports which are put together from information gathered every time you make an application for health and life insurance.

Who is Qualified for No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

If you hate needles, or just can not fit the time in for a medical exam, this product might be a great fit.  You do need to be healthy and answer a few questions but that is where it stops and you will get a decision fast.

Price of No Medical Exam Term Life

No Medical Exam Life Insurance prices for someone in their fifties is now lower than it has ever been.  It is slightly higher when compared to other types to term life insurance, but when you figure in the ease of application and how fast the coverage is issued, you will see that it is well worth a few dollars more.

If you have some minor things in your health history your rate classification can change from preferred to standard or even lower.  Call us to find out where your health condition puts you, 1-844-528-8688.

With your health status, one other factor that affects your pricing is your age, not much gets cheaper as we age and life insurance is no different.  To get the best prices available you want to start your coverage now to avoid an upcharge for being another year older.

*Rates do change, please call us 1-844-528-8688 for up to date No Medical Exam Life Insurance rates for 54 years old.

Term Life Insurance Coverage

At the age of 54 Term Life Insurance is primarily used to guard against the loss of income when a spouse passes away.

This gives a lump sum payment to pay off debt and ease the transition of the household after a tragic loss.  See some of the details you need to consider when settling on coverage amounts below.bills on a table

People look at term life insurance to cover things like a major debt such as a mortgage, but it should be used for much more.

When a wage earner passes the household income is greatly reduced and while this affects the major debt it also hampers the family’s ability to cope with the day to day operation.

Things like educational expenses for the children and monthly bills should be covered for a period of time.

The tragedy of a parent and spouse passing away is going to be hard enough to overcome without the added problems of paying the bills associated with running a household.

Consider an amount of either 10 times your current earnings or adding a payoff of major debts plus 2 years of monthly expenses to give the family time to recover.

A no medical exam life insurance policy has term limits out to 30 years long and amounts of coverage up to and including $500,000.00 for your coverage needs.

How to Get a No Medical Expense Life Insurance Policy

We carry all the major life insurance providers in the country, but a select few offer No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance.  The company that will fit your needs depends on the length of the term and the amount of coverage you need.

Every company has it’s strengths and when you call 1-844-528-8688, we will look at them all to determine what will serve you and your family the best.