No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 43 Year Olds

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 43 Year Olds

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 43 Year Olds

Are you Looking for No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 43-Year-Olds, go no further.  We have all the top-rated carriers here on one website to find the right coverage at the right price.

While you can run your own quote on this page, to get the most accurate up to date rates, give us a call and we will run them for you.  Let us do the work for you to be sure you get the lowest rates possible.

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Our services, whether using this website or calling us for consultation are always free for you.  There is never an up-charge and the rates are exactly the same as direct from the carriers.  Please keep in mind that using us you get to see multiple carriers offerings, no Insurance Company is going to show you the competition’s rates.

The exam for conventional term life insurance can be hard to fit in your busy schedule and some people are just afraid of needles.  If you are in good health, you need to take a look at the rates for a  no medical exam Term Life Insurance (sometimes called Non-Med Term Life).

Just as the name states, NO MEDICAL Exam is needed and the prices are very competitive.  You can get coverage amounts up to $500,000.00 and the term lengths are exactly the same as any Term Life Insurance product.

Sample Rates No Medical Exam Life Insurance for 43 year old Persons

No Medical Exam Term life insurance rates for a 43 year old male “Preferred” health class (with minimal or no health issues), monthly rates:

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term        $11.90           $13.53             $12.89          $14.77            $22.82             $36.29

15 year term       $11.90            $14.50             $15.51           $16.23            $26.43              $45.55

20 year term      $11.90            $15.92             $17.51           $20.16            $34.64              $61.45

30 year term      $11.90            $21.96             $37.71          $30.75            $55.34             $100.27

*Rates will vary by health class

No Medical Exam Term life insurance rates for a 43 year old female “Preferred” health class (with minimal or no health issues), monthly rates:

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term       $11.90           $12.23             $12.08             $13.67            $20.56              $31.81    

15 year term       $11.90           $13.42            $13.03             $14.49            $22.32               $37.10

20 year term      $11.90           $14.58            $14.18             $16.32             $27.12               $47.41

30 year term      $11.90           $19.98            $21.27            $23.99            $43.22               $75.10

*Rates will vary by health class

 Term Life Insurance Without Taking an Exam

To obtain term life insurance coverage before, you had to do an application,  an exam would be scheduled, and then wait for the results. What would happen is they would look at the MIB repNo Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 43 Year Oldsort, pharmacy report, your DMV record and then match that to your exam for your current situation.

This process took months and I have seen them run close to a year, it didn’t matter that you were in good health, you would go through the same process as an unhealthy person.

Those days are now over for persons with a good health history, you can now get term life insurance by answering the questions on the application and then those answers are bounced against the same reports mentioned above.

It uses the same criteria such as body mass, citizenship, driving record, and the medical and pharmacy reports but eliminates the examination.

The paramedical exam is not a major process, but in today’s non-stop world, just finding the time to take it can be tough.  With a No Medical Exam Life Term Life Insurance Policy you don’t have to worry about it.

Getting term life insurance is now easier than it has ever been before, put your information it the quote engine on the side of this page and take a look at the rates today.

You do need to be in good health to qualify for this type of coverage, but with low rates, quick turn around and not having to mess with the exam, why would you not look at this Term Life coverage.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Pricing

Prices for a no medical exam term life insurance policy are slightly higher than a standard fully underwritten policy. While you do pay a small amount for the convenience of not taking the exam,  No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 43-Year-Olds are lower than they have ever been, it is still important to look at all of your options.

When you call LJM Life Insurance at 1-844-528-8688 we will show all the options available to you, both full the fully underwritten and the No Medical Exam policies.

As you grow older the rates for any life insurance will go up, the benefits to getting your coverage as young as possible are huge always lock in the most coverage for the longest term length as possible.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 43-Year-Olds

There are many Life Insurance options for someone age 43 or older  looking for long term coverage to protect their family.  Life Insurance is not “one size fits all” and the coverage amount and length will be determined by many factors.  Some of the most popular choices for this age group are listed below.

Term Life Insurance for 43-year-old coverage needs

Term Life Insurance when you are age 43 fills many needs, protects income, and helps your spouse and children to continue life without making drastic changes.  The loss of  a loved one is catastrophic enough without having to worry about how the bills are going to be paid.  Consider the facts below when trying to decide how much coverage you need.

Some of the basics you need to consider when deciding on how much coverage to obtain is the loss of income and total debt owed, also consider the costs of having to pay someone to take over the duties of a non-working spouse.

While a homemaker does not generate income they do duties that you might have to pay someone to do after the passing.  The loss of a homemaker would leave a void of household duties such as childcare that would have to be paid for or possibly an employment change to compensate.No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 43 Year Olds

People at this age are normally still paying on a mortgage and vehicles and have children in school and these expenses need to be addressed for both now and in the future.

A death in the household will leave huge voids in the normal household routine and whether the surviving spouse is going to work less and take them over or hire someone, that is a huge increase in monthly expenses.

With small children the single spouse may face significant increase daycare expenses, or work fewer hours to compensate.

Taking on these extra duties can limit a person’s employment opportunities, adding a strain on financial resources.

A very common method of calculating coverage amounts would be to do 10 X current earnings, I prefer to do a little more math and dig a little deeper into the financial needs.  Even the final expenses and monthly household expenses should be in the equation.

Call 1-844-528-8688 anytime and we will assist you in choosing the right plan and company to protect your family.  There is never a fee for our services and you will always talk to a licensed life insurance agent.

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