No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 46 Year Olds

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 46 Year Olds

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 46 Year Olds

If you need Term Life Insurance coverage, but do not want to take a para-med exam, go no further.  You can get a Free quote for No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 46 Year Olds by just entering your information to the left of the article.

If you do not have the time or simply hate needles you need to see how low the No Exam Term Life Insurance Rates are.  We are here to run the quote for you when you call 1-844-528-8688, and our services are always free.

We are an independent life insurance agency and we carry all of the top rated carriers that offer Life Insurance.  

We carry all types of Life Insurance but the type of term life insurance that is taking the industry by storm is the No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance.  This product which is primarily designed for the healthy client is priced right and could be the answer for the protection you need for your family.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 46 Year Olds are lower than ever before, you need to look them when getting a quote.

It is True No Exam Needed

The secret behind not needing an exam for the underwriting process is very simply.  This is targeted to only the healthier of applicants and then the application is compared to several life insurance industry reports such as Medical Information Bureau.

These reports are kept on everyone each time they have filled out an application for health insurance or for life insurance.  There is even a report on all the prescriptions you take now and have taken in the past.

Once everything checks out, you are covered or denied, it is as simple as that.  Just because it is simplified doesn’t mean it is any less coverage.

A no medical exam term life insurance plan is different in underwriting only, all other aspects of the term life insurance are exactly the same.

No Pain No Fuss
No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 46 Year Olds

There are barely enough hours in the day to complete the things you want to do much less try to fit in the pain and agony of a para-med exam.

Okay, it might not be life changing to have to take the exam, but at the least it is unpleasant.

Why, if you are in good health and can skip the exam and get the exact same coverage would you mess with taking it.

It is a quick and painless way to get the term life insurance policy you need and we can help you ever step of the way at no cost.  Call us today to see if you qualify to skip the exam, 1-844-528-8688.

Yes You can Afford A No Medical Exam Term Policy

We have talked about skipping the exam and how easy it is obtain, but I really want you to look at the rates below.  Once you see the rates I think you will agree this is the life insurance plan for you.

Keep in mind these are sample rates and your area and situation could be different.  Call us and we will tell you exactly what your monthly or annual rates will be. 1-844-528-8688

Rates No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Age 46


AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term        $13.62           $15.19              $15.00           $17.05            $26.52            $45.25

15 year term        $13.62           $16.44              $18.62          $19.15            $33.83            $58.92

20 year term      $13.62            $18.38             $21.85           $24.45           $46.12             $80.77

30 year term      $13.62           $26.45              $33.10          $38.61           $71.19             $129.93

*Rates will vary by health class


AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term       $13.62           $13.05             $13.65             $15.41             $23.55              $39.43    

15 year term       $13.62           $14.93             $14.82             $16.87             $26.66             $46.50

20 year term      $13.62          $16.44              $16.63             $18.76             $34.06             $59.39

30 year term      $13.62          $27.54             $25.50             $28.11            $53.80             $95.37

*Rates will vary by health class

How Much Life Insurance Coverage do I Need?

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 46 Year Olds

The amount of coverage is going to vary person to person because everyone’s needs are different.

If you look at the graphic to the right, there are a few things that need to be calculated in when determining the coverage amount.

Some of the items on the graph are just common sense and some are little details that get overlooked and could cause financial hardship for your family.

If you or your spouse is a stay at home parent, do not take that person’s financial worth for granted.

While no hard cash income is brought in, they provide services that will either have to be outsourced or the surviving parent will have to cover.

Forbes states the stay at home mother’s salary equivalent to $115,000.00 in the survey from 2011

If the surviving parent is to cover these duties that are left, that means less working hours and a reduced commitment to the career.

Which in turn will affect today’s earnings as well as future earnings potential.

No employer is happy to hear “I need to get my kid” from an employee twice a week.

If you are going to outsource the child care needs, then you must be prepared to pay in the range of $50,000.00 an on up.

That number is just an average and your cost could be higher or lower.

When looking at replacing a breadwinner’s income do not forget to calculate in future raises or bonuses that are paid out.

At age 46 you should also start to look at the lost retirement income.  Most are putting away money into 401K’s or IRA’s for retirement and that will all stop when a income earner passes.

No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

No Medical Life Insurance is  Term Life Insurance that has simplified underwriting allowing you to get your determination and policy fast.  That is where the differences end, it is term life insurance with the same protection as any other term life insurance policy.

The amounts of coverage go up to $500,000.00 and out to 30 term lengths.  Call us at 1-844-528-8688 and we will help you calculate the correct amount of coverage and the term length that fits your protection needs.

When Should I Buy Life Insurance

The term life insurance are always lower when you are younger, the younger you are the lower the risk and that is what dictates the rates.  When you are younger there are typically less health problems meaning that you can get preferred or preferred plus ratings.

With the lower rates it is a good idea to stretch the term long out as possible, this will carry your policy for decades at the lower rate and we can always adjust or change the amount of coverage if you need.   If the coverage is suitable for your family you will have it locked down for many years.

In this article we have a table showing what just five years can do to premiums.  No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 46 Year Olds are excellent and there is no better time to get your family covered than right now.

Call us today for your free personalized quote on No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 46 Year Olds 1-844-528-8688.