No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40 | Free Rate Quote

No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40 | Free Rate Quote

No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40

In your forties and looking for a term life insurance policy, without the hassle of taking a medical exam?  We have built this site for you to get an instant quote for No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40.

You will find the rates very affordable and who wouldn’t want to skip the exam when getting their term life insurance coverage?

By entering your information on this page,  in the quote tool,  you will be able compare the rates and see the companies offering No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40 now!

To get the most accurate Free quote for your budget and lifestyle,  I highly recommend calling us at 1-844-528-8688.  

We will discuss what you want and what you need your life insurance to cover, and offer a quote that fits your needs.  This service is at no cost to you.

Take some time to read through this article and get some details and all the important information on Non-Med Term Life Insurance you need to make an informed choice.

If you can not find the answer you were looking for simply call 1-844-528-8688 and speak to a licenced professional.

Life Insurance Over Age 40

Options and pricing for Term Life Insurance in your forties is very good, as you age the prices go up and the options get less.  Consider getting your coverage now at the lower rates.

When you choose an underwritten term life insurance plan you will be forced to take a medical exam, which means someone comes into your home and asks questions and draws blood and sometimes more.  There is now a product that if you are in good health, allows you to obtain the same coverage without the hassle.

More and more people are looking to no medial exam term life insurance for their life insurance coverage.  With the hectic non-stop lifestyle of today, it is a perfect fit.

The pricing for No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40 has become very competitive, and the number of companies offering No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40 is growing every year, which gives you more options and the competition keeps rates low.

How Can I Skip the Exam?

The way you are able to skip out on the exam and still get term life insurance is that this plan is aimed at healthier policy holders, this in turns allows the insurance company to simplify the underwriting.

Not only does skipping the medical exam make your life easier, it means that the decision and policy being put into effect happens very fast when compared to waiting months, with the old ways of underwriting term life insurance.

Below are some basic points of the process that gets your term life insurance exam free.

  • The Application Contains basic health and life questions
    No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40

    1. Smoker or Non
    2. Recent Medical History
    3. Some Family Medical History
    4. Any recent driving infractions
    5. Build or weight and height.
    6. Citizenship
  • Application Verification Process 
    1. An industry wide report from the Medical Information Bureau.
    2. A report about your prescriptions called a pharmacy report
    3. APS (attending physician statement) can be ordered on a case by case basis.

What this means for you is below:

  • Decision and issued very fast:
    1. The decision on a Non Med Insurance Policy is unbelievably  fast usually within the same day, compared to months with conventional Term Life Insurance.
  • No Paramedical exam is needed 
    1. This is What you get to miss:  exam is done by a professional and certified person, they will ask you medical history, take your vitals and draw bodily fluids.  How in depth the exam is will be determined by the companies requirements and the amount of coverage you are seeking.

If health is good and want coverage fast without the invasive exam or a search of your medical records then, a no exam policy could be the answer.

No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40

Do You Want to Skip the Exam?

With the rates very close to life insurance requiring a medical examination why not avoid the hassles of the para-med?

To qualify for a no medical exam policy you do need to be in good health, all it takes is a quick call to us and we will help you determine if this is the right fit for your situation.

How’s the Pricing?

Prices for a No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40 policy are slightly higher  fully underwritten policy, but closer than you would think.

The pricing is very competitive and lower than ever before.

When you call us we will discuss all your options and go over the plans that fit your unique situation.

It will be your decision to make on what plan and company to go with for your coverage.

Remember, the older you get the more you will pay for Life Insurance so it is to your benefit to get it as young as possible and carry a longer term of coverage.

Most of your choices for Life Insurance over age 40 are, Term Life, both underwritten and No Medical Exam the most common term lengths are 15, 20, and 30 year terms.

We know the prices go up as we age, but lets face it our health doesn’t get any better as we grow older.

Health issues also drive up cost and could put you in a standard classification instead of preferred.  See the table below on how just 5 years affects pricing.

39 year old male preferred example

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term       $10.01         $11.52              $13.82             $13.49             $18.07            $28.14

15 year term      $10.01          $12.19             $12.77              $13.58             $19.22             $29.48

20 year term     $10.01         $13.18              $14.12              $14.40            $24.24             $38.44

44 year old male preferred example

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term       $12.45          $14.77             $13.53             $14.77             $22.82            $36.29

15 year term       $12.45          $14.48            $16.44             $16.23             $26.43           $45.55

20 year term      $12.45          $15.90            $18.76            $20.16             $34.64             $61.45

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40 Choices

As you search for Life Insurance, you will come across several different options for coverage.  The most popular of course is term life insurance and that is exactly what a No Medical Exam policy is.

A set amount of coverage for a set TERM of years.  After the term ends the policy can be converted or it just ends.  Term Life insurance can still be found in its fully underwritten form or in the form of no exam.

They are identical products in every form and fashion with the only difference being the underwriting portion.

Calculating Your Coverage Amount

Term Life Insurance when you are over 40 can be looked at to fill many needs as it does with younger people, the term lengths are usually 20 to 30 years to cover mortgage termNo Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40 | Free Rate Quotes and child expenses.

You need to think about several things when determining how much coverage you need and how long you will need it for.

While everyone knows to calculate in loss of income, do not overlook the daily duties that are split with parents.

They may now have to pay someone to do these duties with the death from a working or non-working spouse passing.

In your forties you normally have school age children, a mortgage, vehicle payments just to name a few of the larger expenses you won’t want to leave a spouse scrambling to pay.

Another consideration is what results the death of a working spouse will have on the surviving spouse’s career or employment.

When a member of the household dies, this leaves a huge void in childcare and duties that were once shared by both parents will now have to be handled by a single parent or possibly outsourced at a cost.

Taking on extra duties can limit a persons income earning potential and add considerably to the expenses.

For some ideas on things to figure into your coverage amount, see our graphic on the side.

People look at just putting down the expense of major debts like a mortgage for their coverage amount and that is why so many are way under insured.

The shock and tragedy of losing a parent and spouse in of itself is devastating, you do not want to add more complications for the family by having them scramble to pay the bills.

Please put some thought into this part, of your life insurance purchase, it is very important.

When we discuss coverage amounts with clients we always ask “how you came to that number”, this gets them thinking and we usually find that they are looking at an amount that will their family greatly exposed.

It is the details like this that we recommend you call us after you have looked around at some rates, or even before.  We are life insurance professionals and know what questions to ask you when looking for the term life insurance protection that will cover your family.

Now you have looked at rates, term lengths and coverage amounts we have one more part to discuss and that is the company offering the policy.

The list of life insurance companies offering no medial exam term life insurance is growing.  This is fast becoming a mainstream term life product and insurance companies love to copy successful policies.

Large national carriers are now offering No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance policies and that helps keep the prices down.  Policy amounts can now be up to $500,000.00 and the terms are all the way out to 30 years.

When a new company jumps into the arena, we do not just jump on the band wagon.  Many times a company will jump into a new market just to test the results.  If they do not like what they see, they start changing their application, underwriting or may pull the product all together.

If they discontinue offering a product it does not affect the policies that are in force, it just means they will not let anyone new buy the product.  They must honor the contracts that they have entered into.

We take a hard look at a companies stability, financial status and how they pay out on claims.

All companies will will offer some or all of the additional riders that can be attached to your term policy.  Those riders do add some additional benefits but could add cost.

Riders such as critical illness and terminal illness offer benefits from your term life insurance policy that can be used before a death occurs.

Both will require a diagnosis of certain or terminal illness or disease and will offer a percentage of the face amount of the policy.

With all the positives of a no medical exam term life insurance policy, why would you ever submit to the pain of an exam.  Remember your current health is key on if you will qualify for this type of policy, the younger you can get your policy in effect the lower your rates will be.

We are here anytime to discuss your life insurance needs, call 1-844-528-8688 and we will guide you through the entire process.  We work for you and there is never a fee for any of our services.