No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 47 Year Olds

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 47 Year Olds

What Are No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 47 Year Olds

Term Life Insurance with NO medical exam, from our site you can get FREE quotes for your age and location in just seconds by entering your information on the quote tool to the side of this article.

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Term life insurance with no medical examination is designed for the person in fair to good health, the process is very simple, and you will get an answer on your coverage very fast.

If you are 47 and looking for affordable term life insurance you need to pay attention to No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 47 Year Olds, they are at all time lows.  Why go through the hassle of taking a medical exam for your term life insurance coverage when you no longer need to.No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 47 Year Olds

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Underwriting

The underwriting process for this type of policy is unique in that it will be completed by your answers on the application and not by test results from a paramed exam.

They will not just take your word for it though, your answers will be verified by various medical and pharmaceutical information bureaus.

They will look at your information on the Medical Information Bureau, check what prescriptions you are taking and have taken in the recent past.

Some other reports that could be looked at are your DMV report and an APS or attending physician’s statement.

This process is sometimes referred to simplified underwriting, it is done in a fraction of the time of standard underwritten term life insurance plans.

If you are looking for a fully underwritten term life policy we can help you, but let us explain the benefits and rates of a no medical exam term life insurance policy and you can decide if it is the right fit at the right price for you.

Answer and Policy Issue

It is due to this underwriting process of no med life insurance that your policy decision will be answered and issued very fast.

Not too many years ago you could wait months for a determination on your life insurance policy, now you can get your answer in hours or days, which means your family is covered now.

If there is an issue with your application or you are denied for one reason or another, do not worry we can still get you the coverage you need, we will just need to look at other options.

Why Eliminate the Medical Exam

A typical paramed exam will take place in your home, and a specialist will draw bodily fluids, take basic body mass calculations and your vital statistics.  

These are the basic steps taken but they can vary dependent on the amount of coverage and the company that you are applying to.

The process that I have described above is not fun, and is time consuming, why would you not want to eliminate this process if you can.  It is the exact same term life coverage, same amounts and the same term lengths.

If your health is good and nothing major in your recent driving history there is no need for the pain and hassle of a paramedical exam for term life insurance.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Pricing

I have put together some sample rates in the tables below, please keep in mind these rates are just for one zip code, non smoker, with a rating of preferred.  Your rates could vary depending on your health and location.

The lowest prices are for the preferred plus classification but I use preferred rates, that is where the majority fit in.

Sample Rates No Medical Exam Life Insurance for Age 47

Monthly sample rates for a 47 year old male, preferred classification non-tobacco.

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term        $14.23           $15.90              $15.71           $18.61            $28.58            $49.28

15 year term        $14.23           $17.30              $19.69          $20.43            $36.48            $63.94

20 year term      $14.23            $19.53             $23.58           $25.91           $50.93             $88.52

30 year term      $14.23           $28.59              $35.77          $41.26           $78.04             $143.29

Female monthly sample rates no tobacco 47 year old female risk classification of preferred

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term       $14.23           $14.15             $14.17              $15.77             $24.92              $42.12    

15 year term       $14.23           $15.53             $15.37             $17.78             $28.94             $50.15

20 year term      $14.23          $17.22              $17.45             $19.97             $36.34             $63.46

30 year term      $14.23          $25.63             $27.57             $30.85            $58.22             $103.95

*Rates will vary by health class

Coverage Needs |How Much No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 47 Year OldsTerm Life Insurance do I Need?

There are several rules of thumb when trying to calculate how much term life insurance you need to fully cover your family without leaving any major gaps or exposure.

The Graphic to the left will give you some ideas on what to include in your benefit coverage calculation.

There are many things that the majority of people know they need to include like mortgage, car payments and burial expenses, but there is much more that needs to be considered in order to fully protect your family.

If you have young children, have you considered adding some coverage to help with their educational expenses thru the years?

The normal household expenses that arise day to day and month to month are often overlooked.  You need to realize in the event of your death or that of a spouse, the world of the surviving family is crashing down.

If at all possible you want to leave as little financial burden as possible during the first few months after the event.  Take a hard look at the month to month expenses for your household and try to give the six months of coverage to help ease the pain.

Calculating the life insurance coverage need is not a hard process but is definitely the one of the most important.  You need to figure a balance of income lost and debt payment left upon your passing.

If you are are looking at a life insurance for a spouse, even if they earn less income you will need to look at what they bring to the household in terms of childcare and housekeeping.

When a spouse dies, even a non working, stay at home parent will be huge hit to the financial stability of the family.

The death of a stay at home parent will open the need for more child care, help with household chores and could limit your earning capabilities now and hurt your chances in the future.

This is a need that will have to be filled immediately with small children and could affect your current employment situation.

Review |No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

As we discussed this is Term Life Insurance without the medical examination, it really is that simple.  The term lengths still go out to 30 years for most ages and the coverage amounts go up to $500,000.00.

For help in determining what type of life insurance would best cover your family, call us toll free at 1-844-528-8688.

Our services are free and because we do not work for a single company you always get an unbiased consultation.

Buying Life Insurance

When you start think seriously about getting coverage, that mean you realize you have a need.  Do not continually put it off, the hard truth of the matter is you could die tomorrow and your family will be left in a very bad position

The other reason to not procrastinate about Life Insurance coverage is that, as you age the rates go up.  So while you’re waiting for just the right time to buy your expense is actually increasing.

I have put together an article where you can see the difference just 5 years makes in pricing.  No Exam Life Insurance Over Age 40.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Rates for 47 Year Olds are very competitive and there is no reason to subject yourself to the physical if you are in good health.

Let us help you with the process, simply call 1-844-528-8688 and get the coverage you need today.