Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Rates For 53-Year-Olds

best no medical exam term life insurance for 53 year olds

Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance for 53-Year-Olds

The Best No Medical Exam Life Insurance rates for 53-year-olds and the carriers that provide them are right next to this article.

By entering your basic information in the tool you can immediately compare rates for the Best no medical exam life Term insurance rates for 53 year olds now!

By using an independent agency like LJM Life Insurance, you get an agent that works for you and not an insurance company.

For a complete guide on what exactly this product is and how it can work for you, please read the article below.  We also have more information here:

The biggest hassle of getting life insurance is taking the exam, nobody enjoys it and it can be very time-consuming at the least.

Now, you have another option, that option is to skip the exam by going with a no medical exam life insurance policy for your term life having blood drawn

The product is term life insurance, but just like the name says NO EXAM.  The policy is approved by the questions you answer and reports from different health record sources.

While this product is not for everyone, it is a very good option if you are in decent health and are looking to have a policy issued in days.

See the table below for sample pricing, then call us to find out if this is the fit for you.

Preferred Monthly Rates, Male

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term        $19.18           $21.86             $36.32          $33.81             $42.51           $74.82

15 year term       $19.18            $24.36             $41.33          $40.11            $56.44            $103.68

20 year term      $19.18            $31.41            $55.42           $58.90          $73.14              $138.19

30 year term      $19.18          $41.44             $61.86            $117.60        $238.14            *NONE

*Rates will vary by health class

Monthly Rate Samples for Preferred Female

AMOUNT           $10,000       $25,000          $50,000       $100,000       $250,000        $500,000

10 year term       $19.18           $19.86            $18.12           $20.80         $33.37          $58.69

15 year term       $19.18           $20.97            $19.85           $23.45         $71.69          $58.72

20 year term      $19.18           $24.29           $25.18            $27.37         $51.87          $95.46

30 year term      $19.18          $38.13            $35.83            $77.76         $185.07        *NONE

*At 30 years $500,000 worth of coverage you would have to go with a standard underwritten Term Life Policy.

**Rates will vary by health class

 Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

You can get term life insurance without taking an exam with a product that has many attributes that make it attractive when compared to a standard term life insurance policy.

First and foremost nobody is going to stick you with a needle, I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t see that as a bonus.  The other major plus is that you will get a decision very fast which will allow you to get the coverage you need and want to be approved and in-force much sooner.

If you need your policy issued fast, want to avoid the hassles of taking the para-med exam, and are in good to fair health this is the perfect type of term life insurance for you coverage needs.  Its quick, painless, and very affordable.

Pricing for this type of plan is no longer high above other term life insurance products it is now with only a few dollars difference and add to that fact that you aren’t going to get stuck with a needle or have some stranger come into your house asking questions, the price difference is almost nothing.

Term Life Insurance over 53 years old coverage needs

Having your family covered by Term Life Insurance is to protect them from the loss of income and the debt left by a person passing.

You will need to calculate several things when figuring the amount of coverage you need for your family.   While the most important of all considerations is that your family has the ability to maintain their life as much as possible.

Housing expenses or a high dollar mortgage can cripple the family after the death of a parent and spouse.  When doing the math for how much coverage needed be sure to include the complete pay off long term debtNo Medical Exam Term Life Insurance to Cover Household bills.

As the children grow older their education costs will rise and it is a good idea to figure in some amount for school costs and a possible college fund.

With younger children, you have to consider an increase in childcare costs when a parent passes.

The surviving parent may need to work fewer hours or hire someone to take a child to events or school functions.

With either of those options, there is a cost, and missing work on a constant basis can hurt their earning potential and employment security.

Finally, there are the expenses for funeral costs, which could include a wake and bringing family together for services and possibly to help with children.

I always recommend that a person carry a little more coverage and stretch the time out as long as your budget will allow.  As time goes on and your needs change we can make changes or look at a new policy.

This decision on how much coverage you decide you need can be one of the most important decisions you make regarding your family’s future.

I can not stress enough how much being underinsured can drastically change your family’s life for the worse.  The death of a parent/spouse is tough enough to deal with, you do not want to heap on the worries of how they are going to pay the day to day living expenses.

Who Offers the Best No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance Rates for 53-Year-Olds.

More companies are entering this niche every year, they see that this type of coverage is very well received by the consumer.  This product is designed for a healthier individual which also makes it good for the insurance company.

As an independent agent, we contract with carriers to offer their product and we only contract with the top-rated carriers which have a strong stable financial background.

Some of the top carriers offering no medical exam term life insurance are, Sagicor, American Amicable, and SBLI.  This is just a few of the companies that offer this product but these three continually rise to the top when we are quoting.

I just pushed a ton of information at you, but do not worry if you are feeling a little overwhelmed.  We are here to help, 1-844-528-8688 will connect you to a licensed life insurance professional that can walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

If you have a good health history this could be the term life insurance policy you need to protect your family.

Take another peek at the sample rates earlier in this article to see just how affordable a no major medical term life insurance policy is.  Add to the outstanding rates the simple fact that you will completely eliminate taking an exam and I think you will agree this is the easiest most painless way of getting life insurance.